Buyer's Guide


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When it comes down to buying to a Massage Chair and other similar products, in our minds it comes down to three simple factors.

  • Price
  • The look (will the chair fit in with its surrounding)
  • What issues are you looking to manage (What features you need) 


And at Massage Chairs R Us we make it easy for you! It's as easy as emailing us at or calling us at 919-339-1494. Just let us know what your preferences are and we will get back to you with recommendations. Now if you'd rather contact us via our contact form, you can do that too!


Or, if you'd like to do your own research and figure out what works best for you, below we will have detailed descriptions of features that our Massage Chairs have and why they benefit you.





When most people think of 2D they envision something flat but in regards to massage chair rollers this isn’t entirely correct.  The 2D feature is actually what most people have been accustomed to over the years with many of the past models of massage chairs.  2D massage chair rollers move in two dimensions, up and down while they can also move from side to side. 2D rollers move with ease along your neck and all the down your back to base of your spine. For most people this may seem like a pretty basic action. But for many years and to this day, 2D roller chairs help those with alleviating back pain, increasing blood flow, relieving overall stress, and of course easing sore muscles.



While 2D is great, 3D better yet.  As the name states, 3D Massage Chair Rollers have an extra dimension.  Because of this added dimension, the rollers are able to push deeper into your muscles giving you much more relief and enjoyment. 3D Chairs have grown to be very popular in the last few years due to the added intensity that they give and many people say that these chairs offer a massage closer to that of a masseuse.



No, these chairs aren’t breaking laws of space and time but to many the 4th dimension is time.  And time seems to standstill while many sit in these chairs. 4D Massage Chair rollers do all the same things as 3D Chairs but with their added dimension and advanced technology 4D rollers are able to adjust the speed giving you one of the best massages out there.  Much like a traditional Massage with a trained masseuse, the 4D rollers can and will slow down or speed up to work out the stress in the muscles.


S Track:

Most Massage Chairs out there are classified as S Tracks.  The S Track gets its name from the (Sinusoidal) shape of our spine.  With S Track massage chairs, the rollers are able to move seamlessly from your neck all the down to the lower regions of your spine.


L Track:

Just like the S Track, The L track works in a similar fashion as the S Track goes down and goes down to the tip of the spine.  But what makes the different is as the name L Track suggests; it’s shaped like an L and continues from the base of the spine and underneath the glutes.


Zero Gravity:

Zero Gravity Chairs put you in a position where there is very minimal if any pressure on your joints.  These chairs have you feeling as if you are weightless by lifting your feet above your legs. Many people love these chairs because they really do leave you feeling like there is no pressure which make it easier for the rollers to knead each and every one of your muscles.



Many of you I'm sure have had to use a heating pad or compress at some point in time to release some stress on your sore or tight muscles. Who hasn't? Well for those who haven't, added heat in addition to receiving a massage will help your body relax even faster than without heat. Simply put, the added Heat feature that many chairs have will help in more ways than one.



Many People today are more conscious of animal agriculture being unsustainable and for these reasons they'd rather stay away from leather products. Fortunately for you, many of our Massage Chairs are made with Faux leather, so you can relax easily in your Massage Chair knowing no animals were harmed in the making your chair.


Body Scanning

These Massage Chairs have the ability to scan your body and sense where the edges of your body are. Some of them also have the ability to sense where you need the most attention so they can place more emphasis on that part of the body.


Full Body Stretch:

Who doesn't need a good stretch? Many Doctors say that one of the key factors to keeping muscle strength is by stretching daily. These Chairs have the ability to put your feet above your head while arching your back leaving your whole body feeling loose and ready for whatever your day or night may bring. 


Posture Correcting:

In this day and age, many of us have a bad tendency to slump or have bad posture while we are sitting at our desks or throughout our day.  These Massage Chairs have the posture correcting feature so they will apply the perfect amount of pressure on your back in ways that will make it easier for you to sit up straighter throughout the day.  


Head Massage: 

For those who have received a head massage, you already know that it can help you relax, stimulate blood circulation and can promote overall good health. A good head massage just can't be beat.



If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach us on our number at 919-339-1494 or contact us through out contact us form or by email at