Is there a link between Happiness and owning your own Massage Chair?

Of course at first glance I think anyone could answer that question with a “Yes,” but I find myself asking “Why?”

Why do I like massages? Is it the fact I feel kneaded like dough or the fact I always feel more relaxed and focused afterwards. I wanted to understand why, so I did a little digging on the internet and what I found, amazed me.

Did you know that almost 21% of Japanese citizens have a Massage Chair?

When you really think about it, it makes sense right? Because when I think of Japan, I think of peace and tranquility. The statistics show that they are indeed a lot happier than the common American.

Why is this? Is it because less than 1% of Americans have a Massage Chair?

So many Americans work so hard but have yet to invest in themselves and buy a Massage Chair. You could always just go get a massage from your local parlor, but I personally got over that really quick with all the COVID fear going around.  

I asked myself, “Why not buy one and see if it actually does help with all the things the manufacturer says it does.”

I’ve been sleeping better, I’ve been more relaxed at work, and I’m not as irritable. (which says a lot because these are trying times) I have friends say my skin is glowing, and I look like I lost weight. And come to find out, I had indeed lost a few pounds.

Stress can wreak havoc on people without us really knowing and apparently my new Massage Chair helped me combat the stresses of everyday life so well, I looked better and feel better.

So I ask again, “Is there a link between happiness and owning a Massage Chair?”

I personally think the answer is “Yes,” but it’s up to you to come to that conclusion.

Yes it is a sizable investment, but with services like Paypal Credit and Klarna readily available on MASSAGECHAIRSRUS.COM anyone can afford a Massage Chair with low monthly payments.

So invest in yourself today, that’s my recommendation anyway.


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